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UKL Piston Valve is basically Seat less and Glandless valve and by virtue of its design can replace both, the conventional type of Gate and Globe valves, with distinct advantages over them. The Klinger Piston valve works on the principle of Resilient rings in conjunction with a Metallic Stainless Steel Piston, that moves vertically between the rings, giving a Seal that is both effective as well as Durable. This sealing system gives a bubble tight shut off, equivalent if not superior to Class VI leak standards.The Sealing rings are the heart of the valves, are available in Non Asbestos, Tanged Graphite, and Graphited Asbestos varieties, to effectively handle more than 250 Industrial Media.

UKL piston valves are ideally recommended for critical and hazardous media, including Steam, Heat Transfer Oils, Acids, Gases, VACUUM.

Manufactured in Forged Carbon Steel / Stainless Steels to 800# – Sizes 15mm to 40mm, in SW and Threaded Ends. Cast Carbon Steel / Stainless Steels with Flanges to 150#, #300 & DIN standards 50 to 200mm.

  • Salient Features: Economic, easy to serviceAbsolutely leak-tight across the ports and to the atmosphereNo erosion of sealing surfaceSaves energy and does not contaminate the environmentMaintenance free.
  • UKL Piston valves can be provided with additional feature like: Regulating Piston/Lantern Bush; for coarse regulating/Throttling operationExtended Spindle: For Cryogenic application/Hot media to prevent heat transfer to H/W and aid handling of valveHeating Jacket: For Media that tends to solidify/crystallize at low temperature and needs constant heating by either steam/Thermic oils circulated through the Jacket.Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Electrical Actuator: For remote operating of the Valves.
  • Brand: Uni Klinger Valves

Additional Information

  • PMinimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece